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The admission is through test conducted by LKCN. Applicant placed in the merit list shall be called by the Institute & given admission in order of merit.


LKCN believes in quality. Quality of education depends entirely on competence, innovativeness, and commitment of the faculty.


The institution has excellent academic atmosphere, culture and discipline with the best-infrastructure facilities such as state-of-art building...

Welcome To Lord Krishna College Of Nursing

The Lord Krishna College of Nursing is dedicated to graduating nurses who will provide expert ethical care and be leaders.

Nursing comes from the word "nutricius" means nourish, to cherish to protect to support to sustain to train to educate & to supply with essential for care of sick and promotion of health of individual & society.

Nursing is a noble profession with a long illustrious history and traditions of selfless service and dedication. Nursing profession is a very challenging...

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Training & Placement

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  • lkcn_datia@yahoo.in
  • +91-8989978361, 9993758481